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Frequently asked questions

I have an older iPhone, can I still insure it?

Yes we will insure old iPhones, however the phone must have been purchased from a VAT registered UK/Republic of Ireland supplier within the last 3 years (from the policy start date). You must be able to support this by providing a valid proof of purchase document.

Will you insure a non-genuine device?

No, we won't cover non-genuine devices in our policies. However, refurbished devices that come with a manufacturer’s warranty or the original proof of purchase (if the device was bought second-hand), we will insure.

Can I trust loveit coverit?

loveit coverit is an established company within the gadget insurance sector. We are a specialist insurance provider with 3 decades of experience under our belts. You can trust in our brand and our mobile phone and tablet insurance policies. As part of Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd, the company is fully authorised and regulated.

How much excess will I pay?

This can be found in your Policy Excess documents.

How soon will I receive my replacement mobile phone or tablet after I claim?

We understand the inconvenience that being without a phone or tablet can cause, which is why we endeavour to have a replacement device in your hands within 48 hours of us approving your claim.

Who will take the money from my bank account?

loveit coverit will appear as Pier Insurance on all banking statements.

Will the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union affect me?

Nothing will change in relation as to whom administers or provides your Insurance cover at this point and continuity of service should remain. However, and in the instance that regulations regarding the passporting of insurance services from the United Kingdom into the European Union changes, appropriate contingencies are being pursued and we will continue to keep you informed of any changes to your cover.

Benefits of our cover

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14-day money back guarantee
No minimum contract
12-month warranty on repairs
Unlimited claims
12-month warranty on replacements
Covered if used by loved ones

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