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Huawei insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all Huawei models at great prices, with experienced in-house customer care.

1 Million+

Devices insured
30 Years

Industry experience
10 Years

In Ireland

Trustpilot and AXA
Huawei insurance

Comprehensive insurance for all Huawei models at great prices, with experienced in-house customer care.

1 Million+

Devices insured
30 Years

Industry experience
10 Years

In Ireland

Loss included as standard
We’re one of the few insurance providers to offer loss as standard.
Unlimited claims
We provide unlimited repairs and replacements on all our insurance policies.
12-month warranty on replacements
We have a straightforward 12-month warranty on all devices we replace.
Huawei insurance - loveit coverit

High-quality Huawei insurance you can count on

Our specialist Huawei phone insurance policies cover a wide range of models, from the P10 Lite right the way through to the latest P30 Pro and Mate 20 handsets. Depending on your individual needs and requirements, you can choose either our Plus or Premium plan.

loveit coverit include cover for Theft and Loss as standard in all of our iPhone policies!

Statistically, people are most likely to claim for Cracked Screen Cover - that's why we include it in our Premium cover. We will speedily and efficiently repair or replace your smashed screen.

Our Accidental Damage and Liquid Damage Cover, which we include in our Premium Huawei policies, provide even the most accident-prone customers with peace of mind.

All of our Huawei policies include Worldwide Cover. We will also protect your Accessories, so that they are safe while you travel. What's more, we will cover any unauthorised calls that have been made.

Whether it’s the great-value Huawei Mate 10 Pro, the highly impressive P20 Pro or the brand new Huawei P30 Pro, we cover them all. With 3 decades in the mobile phone insurance industry, we’ve seen every Huawei handset ever released. That’s how we know what Huawei users want from their phone insurance.

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Our Cover

Accidental Damage
Accidents can happen, usually when you least expect it! But when they happen to your Huawei, our cover will put your mind at ease and financially reassure you.
Liquid Damage
Whether it's dropping your phone in the bath or spilling coffee over your tablet- we have heard it all! Take our cover that protects your Huawei against liquid damage, so if the worst does happen to your device, we can repair or replace it in no time.
Cracked Screen
If you've dropped your device and cracked the screen or found that it's no longer working properly, we are here to ensure it gets repaired quickly!
If you have a tendency to lose things, our cover is perfect for you as it includes loss as standard and can provide you with that added level of security.
Had your beloved Huawei taken from you? We will provide you with a replacement device and will cover you for unauthorised calls.
Accessory Cover
Whether it's a charger, your headphones or a case for your Huawei, we'll help protect the accessories that you love, should a theft or accident occur.
Mechanical Breakdown
If your smartphone breaks down mechanically outside of its period of warranty, our Huawei insurance policies can cover it.
Airtime Abuse
If your phone has been stolen or is lost and has been used without your permission to make calls, downloads or messages, we can cover the cost up to value of €10,000.
Worldwide Cover
Our inclusive Huawei insurance policies allow you to travel across the globe with your device, safe in the knowledge that your gadget and its accessories are protected.

Huawei phone insurance from loveit coverit

loveit coverit have been insuring Huawei phones since Huawei released its first ever handset in 2009. We have adapted and evolved alongside the Huawei models, developing policies for each and every new release. We've got the knowledge and experience needed to provide you with the best Huawei phone insurance policies, having delivered them in Ireland for 10 years!

We specialise in providing Huawei users with personal insurance plans. Here at loveit coverit, we recognise that the Huawei is one of the most popular handset types in the market, so we know how much customers love their phones. It can be a distressing time when something happens to your phone, whether it's been stolen, lost or damaged. That's why we prepare policies that leave you feeling safe in the knowledge that your beloved device is protected, no matter what.

We are always aware of Huawei insurance in the Irish market. This ensures that our cover is consistently affordable and inclusive.

If you want to compare Huawei phone insurance online, always check excess fees and find out exactly what is covered in your policy. We are one of the few providers in Ireland who include Loss as standard. So, if you have recently upgraded to the Huawei P30 Pro and want to protect your new handset against loss, theft and damage, choose loveit coverit.

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Why choose loveitcoverit

Providing gadget insurance in Ireland for years
We accept 95.45% of claims
We handle every claim in-house
No minimum contract
14-day money back guarantee
No limit on claims and repairs

Frequently asked questions

What’s not covered in my policy?

We've details exactly what is not covered in the Policy Excess and Key Exclusions and Limitations pages.

If my iPhone does not appear on the list, can I still insure it?

Yes, of course. We try to ensure that our list is complete and up-to-date as the iPhone market frequently changes. Please contact us with the details of your iPhone model and we will confirm if we can cover it.

How soon will I receive my replacement mobile phone or tablet after I claim?

We understand the inconvenience that being without a phone or tablet can cause, which is why we endeavour to have a replacement device in your hands within 48 hours of us approving your claim.

Will my replacement gadget be the same as the one I had?

Once we've agreed your claim, we'll endeavour to replace your device with the same make, model and colour. We'll then send it to you as quickly as possible. If your device isn't manufactured anymore, we will provide the nearest comparable model.

Do you send a brand new replacement gadget?

As your policy is not a ‘replacement as new’ policy, all mobile phone or tablet replacements we send out may be brand new or refreshed devices, but they will all come with a 12-month warranty.

We ensure that the quality of refurbished devices is so high that you won’t be able to differentiate them from new ones. Please note that refreshed devices may hold some non-original parts.

Is there a minimum or maximum period of cover?

No, there is no minimum period of cover. When you purchase an annual policy, we will contact you approximately two weeks before your renewal date and offer to renew it. We will automatically process your renewal if you don't advise us to cancel your policy at this time.

I have an older iPhone, can I still insure it?

Yes we will insure old iPhones, however the phone must have been purchased from a VAT registered UK/Republic of Ireland supplier within the last 3 years (from the policy start date). You must be able to support this by providing a valid proof of purchase document.

Will you insure a non-genuine device?

No, we won't cover non-genuine devices in our policies. However, refurbished devices that come with a manufacturer’s warranty or the original proof of purchase (if the device was bought second-hand), we will insure.

How much excess will I pay?

This can be found in your Policy Excess documents.

Why must I pay an excess?

We won't increase our premiums once you make a claim, unlike many other insurance providers. Therefore, we ask you to pay the compulsory excess fee so we can keep our prices low for you. You can always trust that we will handle your claim quickly, professionally and efficiently.

How old do I have to be to insure a device?

You must be 18 years old or over and an Irish resident if you wish to take out a policy. If you are under 18, then a family member can take out the policy on your behalf with their consent.

Who provides the insurance?

The insurance is arranged by Pier Insurance Managed Services Limited and underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which is fully owned by the AXA Partners Group. Inter Partner Assistance is a Belgian firm authorised by the National Bank of Belgium in Belgium and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland for conduct of business rules.

Who will take the money from my bank account?

loveit coverit will appear as Pier Insurance on all banking statements.

Can I trust loveit coverit?

loveit coverit is an established company within the gadget insurance sector. We are a specialist insurance provider with 3 decades of experience under our belts. You can trust in our brand and our mobile phone and tablet insurance policies. As part of Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd, the company is fully authorised and regulated.

What should I do if I’ve got a question not answered in your FAQs?

Please feel free to email us at and we will happily help you.


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