Whether you’re puzzled over policies, confused about cancellations or in a muddle over handset models, please feel free to browse our FAQs. We’ve tried to answer some of the most common queries as simply as possible.

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Frequently asked questions

Who provides the insurance?

For policies prior to 1st October 2021

This insurance is arranged by Pier Insurance Managed Services Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under Firm Register number 331798.

Our policies are underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which sis fully owned by the AXA Partner Group. The Inter Partner Assistance SA Financial Conduct Authority register number is 202664.

For new policies and renewals from 1st October 2021

This insurance is arranged by AGS Pier GmbH, with a registered office at Hohe Bleichen 8, 20354 Hamburg, Germany. AGS Pier GmbH is a Registered Intermediary, an insurance agent with authorisation according to § 34 d para. 1 GewO (German Trade Regulation) with registration number: D-DWGU-041S5-44.

This policy is underwritten by Inter Partner Assistance SA (IPA) which is fully owned by the AXA Partners Group. Inter Partner Assistance is a Belgian firm authorised by the National Bank of Belgium in Belgium under number 0487.

Your policy is administered by AGS Pier GmbH (UK Branch).

Who are Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd?

Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. FCA registration number 311798.

Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd fully own the subsidiary AGS Pier GmbH, which provides our insurance intermediation services within Europe.

Payments from your bank account will show as Pier Insurance.

Can I trust loveit coverit?

loveit coverit is an established company within the gadget insurance sector. We are a specialist insurance provider with 3 decades of experience under our belts. You can trust in our brand and our mobile phone and tablet insurance policies. As part of AGS Pier GmbH and the parent company, Pier Insurance Managed Services Ltd, the company is fully authorised and regulated.

Who are loveit coverit insurance policies aimed at?

Our cover is designed for anyone who owns and loves a gadget and does not already have it insured by another provider. If you want to be able to cover the cost of repair or replacement, should something happen to your device outside of the manufacturer’s warranty, our cover is for you. We require a Policy Excess for every successful claim and limitations and exclusions apply.

What’s not covered in my policy?

We've details exactly what is not covered in the Policy Excess and Key Exclusions and Limitations pages.

Is it possible to insure an old device?

We can insure older devices, however all mobile phones or tablets must have been purchased from a VAT registered UK/Republic of Ireland supplier and no more than 3 years old (from the policy start date).

Will you insure a non-genuine device?

No, we won't cover non-genuine devices in our policies. However, refurbished devices that come with a manufacturer’s warranty or the original proof of purchase (if the device was bought second-hand), we will insure.

If my phone was purchased from an auction site, will you cover it?

We will only cover phones that are bought as new or that have been refurbished by the network provider or manufacturer itself.

If I already have a manufacturer’s warranty, do I need insurance?

Whilst you will often get 12 months' coverage with your manufacturer, this usually only covers you for mechanical breakdown. Incidents like cracked screens, theft, liquid damage and loss are not included.

My device was bought on sale, will it still be covered for the full value?

Yes, we will insure your gadget according to its market price. So, even if you buy it with a discount from the network provider, we will still replace it with an identical or similar model if it is required.

Will you cover cosmetic damage?

We'll only cover your phone for damage if it stops it from functioning properly. So if your phone is scratched or dented, it won't qualify for repair, but if the screen has cracked, it will.

Will you back up any information on my device?

Our insurance policies only cover the gadget itself and not the contents. You should regularly back up any images, music, apps and downloads on your device.

How many times can I claim?

We have no limit on claims for loss, theft and damage during each 12-month calendar period of your policy.

Is there a minimum or maximum period of cover?

No, there is no minimum period of cover. When you purchase an annual policy, we will contact you approximately two weeks before your renewal date and offer to renew it. We will automatically process your renewal if you don't advise us to cancel your policy at this time.

Who does my policy cover?

Parents can insure their children's devices on their behalf. The cover of the device will apply to you as the person who purchased the policy and your immediate family. This can include your children, wife, husband, partner, siblings, parents, grandparents or grandchildren that live at your address permanently.

How old do I have to be to insure a device?

You must be 18 years old or over and an Irish resident if you wish to take out a policy. If you are under 18, then a family member can take out the policy on your behalf with their consent.

If my iPhone does not appear on the list, can I still insure it?

Yes, of course. We try to ensure that our list is complete and up-to-date as the iPhone market frequently changes. Please contact us with the details of your iPhone model and we will confirm if we can cover it.

What is meant by loss cover?

You may have read that loveit coverit include loss as standard in all of our insurance plans. This means that if you've lost your phone or tablet, our loss cover will ensure you aren't left out of pocket.

Where can I find the Terms and Conditions for my policy?

You can find your policy's terms and conditions in the email we sent upon completion of your purchase, but you can also view them online on our 'Terms and Conditions' page.

Who will take the money from my bank account?

loveit coverit will appear as Pier Insurance on all banking statements.

What should I do if my phone has stopped working?

Firstly, you should make a claim. If the issue falls within your Terms & Conditions, we will advise you what to do next. If your gadget has simply stopped working and you're not sure why, contact the manufacturer as it is likely to be covered under their warranty.

What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?

Firstly, notify your network provider, so that they can bar your gadget and protect your minutes. Then you will need to report the loss or theft to the Garda within 24 hours and obtain the crime reference number. Lastly, inform us of the incident by completing the online claim form or emailing support@loveitcoverit.com

How can I make a claim?

Please notify us of your claim by sending an email to claims@loveitcoverit.ie

What information do I need to provide to support my claim?

The required supporting documents include proof of purchase, which must be in your name and include your device's IMEI number and the date of purchase of your device.

What is meant by proof of ownership?

We require an acceptable form of proof of ownership, which can include a till receipt or relevant documentation from any online purchase from your network provider. Failing to produce any valid proof of ownership may result in a rejection of your claim.

How can I find my IMEI number and what is it?

An IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number can be found by dialling *#06# on most phones and used to differentiate each individual phone and is therefore helpful should it get lost or stolen. You can also find it on the inside of the battery compartment of your phone.

How much excess will I pay?

This can be found in your Policy Excess documents.

Why must I pay an excess?

We won't increase our premiums once you make a claim, unlike many other insurance providers. Therefore, we ask you to pay the compulsory excess fee so we can keep our prices low for you. You can always trust that we will handle your claim quickly, professionally and efficiently.

Where should I send my damaged handset?

Firstly, you'll need to make a claim, after which we'll offer guidance as to how to get your device to the best possible repairer. Remember to remove the battery, SIM card and any other accessories before you send it off to be repaired.

How soon will I receive my replacement mobile phone or tablet after I claim?

We understand the inconvenience that being without a phone or tablet can cause, which is why we endeavour to have a replacement device in your hands within 48 hours of us approving your claim.

Do you send a brand new replacement gadget?

As your policy is not a ‘replacement as new’ policy, all mobile phone or tablet replacements we send out may be brand new or refreshed devices, but they will all come with a 12-month warranty.

We ensure that the quality of refurbished devices is so high that you won’t be able to differentiate them from new ones. Please note that refreshed devices may hold some non-original parts.

Will my replacement gadget be the same as the one I had?

Once we've agreed your claim, we'll endeavour to replace your device with the same make, model and colour. We'll then send it to you as quickly as possible. If your device isn't manufactured anymore, we will provide the nearest comparable model.

I’m not happy with my replacement device, what should I do?

We always aim to provide our customers with complete satisfaction, however occasionally things don’t turn out the way we expect. If, for some reason, you're unhappy with your replacement device, please get in touch so that we can understand what went wrong and look to resolve the issue.

I’ve found my device and no longer need to make a claim!

Good news, please let us know as soon as possible and we will make sure to get your claim withdrawn. If we've already sent a replacement, please send it back in the original box and we will immediately refund you any excess that has been paid.

How do I update my policy if I’ve recently upgraded my device?

Please email us on support@loveitcoverit.ie, provide your policy number and the make and model of your new phone and a member of the Customer Support team will update your policy schedule.

What should I do if I’ve missed a payment?

Please contact us immediately so that we can reinstate your policy and make sure your gadget is still covered. If we aren't notified, you might not be considered for any claims during this period.

If I’ve moved, do I need to let you know?

It would be helpful if you let us know, so that we can update our records and send you an updated policy schedule.

Will loveit coverit pay for the cost, if I repair my phone myself?

In short, no we will not reimburse you the repair costs if you repair the device yourself. This is because our main goal is to make sure your gadget is repaired to the best standard possible, so we would only ever use our highly-trained and approved repair specialists. This is so that we get a confident assessment of the damage to your device and allows us to decide whether to repair or replace your phone.

How can I cancel my policy?

If you wish to cancel your policy at any time contact us by email - support@loveitcoverit.ie.

How can I make a complaint?

Naturally, we pride ourselves on the quality of our service, and the products we offer. However, should you need to make a complaint, please write to the Administrator at Loveit Coverit, AGS Pier GmbH (UK Branch), Evolution House, New Garrison Road, Shoeburyness, Essex, SS3 9BF.

You can also send an email here

What should I do if I’ve got a question not answered in your FAQs?

Please feel free to email us at support@loveitcoverit.ie and we will happily help you.